… and welcome. I’m a lecturer and postdoc at lovely UCLA, working with David Blank.

This spring term I am teaching an introductory class on ancient metaphysics—The Discovery of the World.

My primary research interests are in Ancient Philosophy and Ancient Grammar. For my doctoral thesis, I edited, translated, and commented on the so-called pars generalis of Apollonius Dyscolus’ treatise On the Pronoun. As part of my current research project, I’m doing the same for the second half of Apollonius’ opus, the pars specialis.

Right now—it’s 30 January—I’m somewhat intensely thinking about an argument of Aristotle’s in Metaphysics Γ 4, which I believe no one has understood properly until now. No one, that is, excepting (as I just found out) Alexander and Syrianus. I hope I’ll be able to finish the paper in the next two months or so.

Here’s some published work of mine:

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I’m always delighted to receive feedback, so if you read one of my pieces and don’t quite agree—or absolutely do agree—do let me know.