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Lawson-Tancred, H (1985) Aristotle: Metaphysics, London: Penguin
[e.g. Amazon: $9.25; cf. YRL: B434.A5; L38 1998]

Select Readings

Ackrill JL (1963) Aristotle: Categories and De Interpretatione, Clarendon Aristotle Series, Oxford: Clarendon Press
For the background; the translation of Cat. 1–5 is available as a PDF.
Barnes J (2000) Aristotle: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford: OUP
Succinct, clear, stimulating.
Frede M (1987) Essays in Ancient Philosophy, Oxford: OUP
Includes ‘Individuals in Aristotle’, ‘Substance in Aristotle’s Metaphysics’, and ‘Aristotle’s Conception of Metaphysics’—brilliant but not easy.
Irwin T (1988) Aristotle’s First Principles, Oxford: Clarendon Press
Ross WD (1908) The Works of Aristotle, vol. 8: Metaphysica, Oxford: Clarendon Press
An alternative translation to Lawson-Tancred’s, available as a PDF (5.4 MB).
Ross WD, ed. (1908) The Works of Aristotle, Oxford: Clarendon Press
The so-called Oxford translation of all of Aristotle’s writings. A text-only version of it (i.e. sans introductions, footnotes, references) is
available as a PDF (5.6 MB); but it still numbers more than 3,000 pages… It includes Ross’s translation of Met.

A Few Links

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Plato, by R Kraut (SEP)
Platonism in Metaphysics, by M Balaguer (SEP)
On Plato, by M Burnyeat and B Magee (YouTube)

Substance, by H Robinson (SEP)
Tropes, by J Bacon (SEP)

The Metaphysics in Greek (Perseus)
The Greek Alphabet (Wikipedia)
Bekker Numbers (Wikipedia)

Portrait of Aristotle (Rome, Museo Nazionale delle Terme 8575)
Portrait of Aristotle (Copenhague, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek)
These are Roman copies of a Greek bronze statue set up probably by Alexander the Great c. 330 bc.