Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-10:45, in Dodd Hall 167.


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# Date Theme Readings Scribes
1 Tuesday,
3 April
The ‘First Philosopher’ Barnes, Introduction (pp. xi-xxxv), and Ch. 2, on Thales (pp. 9-17) Andreas Schmidhauser [pdf⁺]
2 Thursday,
5 April
Heraclitus Barnes, Ch. 8 (pp. 48-73), with focus on Heraclit. frr. DK 22 A 6, B 12, B 49a, B 91 [audio] Natalie Jahanbani, Azar Shirazi, Jason Tapia [pdf⁺]
3 Tuesday,
10 April
Parmenides i Barnes, Ch. 9 (pp. 77-91) [audio]
NB: First essay is due Monday, 9 April, 10 pm.
Josh Blinzler and Nam Lee [pdf⁺]
4 Thursday,
12 April
Parmenides ii Barnes, Ch. 10 (pp. 92-98) [audio] Jennifer Ta and Sari Weiser [pdf⁺]
5 Tuesday,
17 April
Plato’s theory of Forms i Plat. resp. 474B-521B [audio] Amy Angeli and Lance Swegart [pdf⁺]
6 Thursday,
19 April
Plato’s theory of Forms ii: the Sun, the Divided Line, and the Cave Plat. resp. 474B-535A, focus on 509D-521B [audio] Erik Dietz, Jonathan Jones, Anthony Manning [pdf]
7 Tuesday,
24 April
Criticisms of the theory of Forms i Plat. Parm. 126A–137C [audio] Alexa Guzman and Erica Low [pdf]
8 Thursday,
26 April
Criticisms of the theory of Forms ii Plat. Parm. 126A–137C [audio] Patrick Austin, Ryan Woo, Wei Zhao [pdf]
9 Tuesday,
1 May
The Third Man & The theory of Forms revised i Plat. Parm. 131E–132B, 132D–133A and Soph. 216A–268D [audio] Jose Guzman, David Mireles, Owa Odighizuwa [pdf]
10 Thursday,
3 May
The theory of Forms revised ii Plat. Soph. 260A–264B [audio]
NB: Second essay is due Thursday, 3 May, 8 am.
Geoff Bowen and Theresa Brostoff [pdf]
11 Tuesday,
8 May
Non-being and falsehood Plat. Soph. 260A–264B [audio] Andrew Gauthier, William Hunter, Hunter Paletsas [pdf]
12 Thursday,
10 May
Plato’s physics Plat. Tim. 17A–92C, focusing on Tim. 27D-29B and 47E-52D [audio corrupt…] Nik Cook, Julian Feldbein-Vinderman, Aileen Sinanyan [pdf]
13 Tuesday,
15 May
Aristotle on change i Arist. phys. 1, esp. 1.7, 189b30–191a22, on qualitative and substantial change [audio] Sophia Dai, Maria Gutierrez, Jonathan Lai [pdf⁺]
14 Thursday,
17 May
Aristotle on change ii & Nature and causation Arist. phys. 2, esp. 2.3 and 2.7, 194b16–195a2, on the four types of cause [audio] Chelsey Harlan, Ryan Kachold, Murray Taylor [pdf⁺]
15 Tuesday,
22 May
Aristotle’s second account of change in terms of potentiality and actuality Arist. phys. 3.200b12–202b30 [audio] Elizabeth Alvarez and Alex King [pdf]
16 Thursday,
24 May
Aristotle on Place Arist. phys. 4.208a27–213a12 [audio]
NB: Third essay is due Thursday, 24 May, 8 am.
Ambar Khan and Nick Rapp [pdf]
17 Tuesday,
29 May
Aristotle on substance Arist. met. Z 1-3 [audio] Min Lee, Paramdeep Sandhu, Roger Smith [pdf⁺]
18 Thursday,
31 May
Aristotle on essence Arist. met. Z 4-6 [audio] Aaron Crafts, Darby Vickers, Christopher Yoon [pdf]
19 Tuesday,
5 June
Aristotle on immanent individual forms Arist. met. Z 8 [audio] John Downey, Ricky Loa, Kirsten Polley, Jessica Pray [pdf⁺]
20 Thursday,
7 June
Aristotle on universals Arist. met. Z 13-16 [audio] Dawn MacCarthy and Alexandro Rios [pdf⁺]
21 Tuesday,
12 June
Final examination Texts discussed in class Sunday’s Study Session [audio]