This bibliography catalogues all translations made of Apollonius’ works; it is part of the Complete Bibliography.

 Translator Year Title Place
Portus F 1590 Apollonii Alexandrini de syntaxi seu constructione orationis libri IIII. A Francisco Porto ante aliquot annos e manuscripto codice passim & correcti & suppleti; tum Latine redditi, & notationibus illustrati: Nunc denuo a Frid. Sylburgio cum bonis exemplaribus collati, & notationibus aucti Francofurti
Buttmann A 1877 Des Apollonios Dyskolos vier Bücher über die Syntax Berlin
Householder F W 1981 The Syntax of Apollonius Dyscolus Amsterdam
Bécares Botas V 1987 Apolonio Díscolo: Sintaxis Madrid
Lallot J 1997 Apollonius Dyscole: De la construction Paris
Bednarski M A 2000 Apollonios Dyskolos: O składni Krakow
Dalimier C 2001 Apollonius Dyscole: Traité des conjonctions
[Diss. Sorbonne 1995]
Brandenburg P 2005 Apollonios Dyskolos: Über das Pronomen
[Diss. Kiel 2003]

In 1982 Sylvain Brocquet made as mémoire de maîtrise a French translation of the treatise on adverbs; he is now preparing his translation for publication. And soon the world will have a second translation of the treatise on pronouns. Apollonius is en vogue