This semester we shall be reading Epictetus’ Enchiridion, a Stoic guide on how to lead a successful life. I shall introduce each session with an overview of some linguistic feature, as detailed in the Programme.


W1: 23 September
Epictetus: Chapter 1 (beginning).
Grammar: Alphabet, pronunciation, punctuation, etc.
W2: 30 September
Epictetus: Chapter 1 (end).
Grammar: The a-Declension I.
W3: 7 October
Epictetus: Chapter 2.
Grammar: The a-Declension II.
W4: 14 October
Epictetus: Chapter 3.
Grammar: The o-Declension I.
W5: 21 October
Epictetus: Chapter 4.
Grammar: The o-Declension II.
W6: 28 October
Epictetus: Chapter 5.
Grammar: The Third Declension I.
W7: 4 November
Epictetus: Chapter 6.
Grammar: The Third Declension II.
W8: 11 November
Epictetus: Chapter 7.
Grammar: The Third Declension III.
W9: 18 November
Epictetus: Chapters 8–9.
Grammar: The Third Declension IV.
W10: 25 November
Epictetus: Chapters 10–11.
Grammar: Pronouns I.
W11: 2 December
Epictetus: Chapters 12–14.
Grammar: Pronouns II.
W12: 9 December
Epictetus: Chapters 15–17, 20–22.
Grammar: Pronouns III.

Summary Bibliography


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An updated version of part of the preceding work (i.e. of the edition).

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The edition we shall be using.



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The best short grammar of Ancient Greek in English.

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A brief grammar that may serve as aide-mémoire.