Areas of Expertise
Ancient Philosophy (esp. Aristotle and the Stoics),
Ancient Grammar (esp. Apollonius Dyscolus and Priscian)
Areas of Competence
Logic, Philosophy of Language, Greek and Latin Literatures, Greek Palaeography

Swiss citizen


Postdoctoral Scholar
Departments of Classics & Philosophy, UCLA
Autumn 2008
Visiting Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy
School of Philosophy, University of East Anglia
Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Philosophy, University of Geneva
Assistant in Ancient Philosophy (on leave in 2004–2005)
Department of Philosophy, University of Geneva


19 May 2007
Doctorat in Philosophy, adviser Jonathan Barnes
Diss. Title: Apollonius Dyscolus: De pronomine pars generalis
Mention très honorable avec les félicitations du jury à l’unanimité
Prix Charles Bally de l’Université de Genève
President of the Jury: Alain de Libera (Geneva)
Jury: David Blank (UCLA), Michael Frede (Oxford), Jean Lallot (ENS)
University of Geneva      [Abstract] Apollonius’ monograph on pronouns is the first grammatical treatise in Greek to have survived from antiquity. More than a hundred pages long, closely argued and densely written, it features extensive discussions of such seminal notions as anaphora, deixis, person, etc. For my dissertation I have edited, translated, introduced, and commented on the pars generalis—the first half—of Apollonius’ treatise. The edition lays a new foundation for Apollonian studies: the first editor since 1811 to have read the manuscript, I offer a better—and sometimes radically different—text; and in an appendix, I provide a full apparatus criticus, with all variant readings and corrections ever proposed. The translation and extensive commentary are the first to appear in English. The introduction investigates the life and works of the princeps grammaticorum, expounds his theory of language, reconstructs the history of the text, and outlines the principles of this new edition.
Michaelmas 2006
Visiting Student, adviser David Sedley
University of Cambridge
Recognised Student, adviser Michael Frede
University of Oxford
Visiting Student, adviser Irene Heim
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA
Spring 1999
Pensionnaire étranger, adviser Jean Lallot
École normale supérieure, Paris
February 1999
Licence in Philosophy, Ancient Greek, Latin, Archaeology,
History of Art, and Musicology
University of Geneva


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Fellowships, Prizes, Grants

Vivien Law Prize for an Essay on the History of Linguistic Ideas, Prix Charles Bally de l’Université de Genève, Fellowship for Advanced Researcher (Swiss National Science Foundation), Fellowship for Prospective Researcher (Swiss National Science Foundation), Bourse d’accueil (École normale supérieure), Scholarship of the Swiss Government

Travel grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation, The Mind Association, the Société Académique de Genève, the Department of Philosophy at the University of Geneva, and the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences


Swiss German
Native speaker
Fluent speaking, reading, and writing
Fluent speaking, reading, and writing
Fluent speaking, reading, and writing
Proficient reading
Proficient reading
Ancient Greek
Excellent reading knowledge
Excellent reading knowledge


Jonathan Barnes, Université de Paris IV–Sorbonne & École normale supérieure, Paris

David L. Blank, UCLA

Alain de Libera, University of Geneva

Jean Lallot, École normale supérieure, Paris

Catherine J. Osborne, University of East Anglia

David N. Sedley, University of Cambridge