Here just a few items that might be of interest to some:

  • Keyboards
    How to type Ancient Greek as fast as English, and more.
  • Renaissance Greek with Ligatures
    This unique typeface by Vernon E Kooy—available exclusively here—allows anyone to write like a Renaissance scholar.
  • EndNote X1
    A standard installation of EndNote provides one with forty reference types, including items as varied as Bill and Film. I found that for the time being I only had use for five—viz. Book, Book Section, Edited Book, Journal Article, and Web Page. For each reference type, EndNote offers fifty fields. I never use more than twenty. If you plan to install one of the styles below, you may first want to install my trim This is the file where changes made to the Reference Types preferences (their phrase…) are stored; it is located in the folder \Documents and Settings\[Your Folder]\Application Data\EndNote. To install go to Edit » Preferences, select Reference Types, and choose Import.
     To install a new style, simply place the unzipped file in the folder \Program Files\EndNote X1\Styles (or wherever you store your styles):